Short Stories & Non-Fiction

Short Stories - Regency Collection

Victorian Family Christmas
A Victorian Family Christmas, “A Father For Christmas”
A Hopeful Christmas - Book Cover
A Hopeful Christmas, “Christmas by the Sea”
A Regency Royal Navy Christmas - Book Cover
A Regency Royal Navy Christmas
Convenient Christmas Brides - Carla Kelly
Convenient Christmas Brides, “The Captain’s Christmas Journey”
Regency Christmas Wishes - Book Cover
Regency Christmas Wishes, “Captain Grey’s Christmas Proposal”
A Country Christmas - Book Cover
A Country Christmas, “The Christmas Angle”
It Happened One Christmas - Book Cover
It Happened One Christmas, “Christmas Eve Proposal”
Regency Christmas Gifts - Short Story Collection
Regency Christmas Gifts
All Regency Collection - Book Cover
All Regency Collection, “The Mender”
Season's Regency Greetings - Book Cover
Season’s Regency Greetings: Two Christmas Novellas
Christmas Collection - Book Cover
Carla Kelly’s Christmas Collection
In Love And War - Book Cover
In Love and War
A Regency Christmas - Book Cover
A Regency Christmas, “Christmas Promise”

Short Stories - Western Collection

Calico Ball - Book Cover
Calico Ball (Timeless Western Collection), “The Keeper of the Western Door”
Western Christmas Proposals - Book Cover
Western Christmas Proposals, “Christmas Dance with the Rancher”
For This We Are Soldiers - Book Cover
For This We Are Soldiers
Old West Collection - Book Cover
Old West Collection (Timeless Romance Anthology)
Here's To The Ladies - Book Cover
Here’s to the Ladies: Stories of the Frontier Army

Short Stories - Historical Collection

Coming Home For Christmas - Book Cover
Coming Home for Christmas


Stop Me If You've Read This One - Book Cover
Stop Me If You’ve Read This One: Prairie Lite
On The Upper Missouri - Book Cover
On the Upper Missouri: The Journal of Rudolf Friedrich Kurz, 1851-52