“I never feel that I have adequate enough words to do justice to Carla Kelly’s stellar writing. Historical facts are so cleverly woven jnto a heartwarming love story, that the reader doesn’t even realize how much they’ve actually picked up.”

Rose Blue, for

“Carla Kelly is a treasure for all who enjoy great storytelling.”

Eileen Charbonneau for The Historical Fiction Society

“Carla Kelly is one of my go-to authors, especially for her historical romances.”

Harlequin Junkie Top Pick

“Carla Kelly is always a joy to read.”

Romantic Times

“Carla Kelly has the rare ability to create realistic yet sympathetic characters that linger in the mind. One of the most respected Regency writers.”

Library Journal

“Kelly knows historical romance, and she also knows how to reel readers in from the get-go.”

RT Reviews

“The grandmistress of the [Regency] genre.”

Romantic Reader

“It is always a joy to read a Carla Kelly love story. Always original, always superb, Ms. Kelly’s body of work is a timeless delight for discerning readers.”

RT Book Reviews

Comments From Readers

“To read a Carla Kelly novel is to enter a slipstream of time and find yourself living within the hearts of men and women whose stories are as glorious and gritty as the times in which they lived. Though many arrive on the scene besieged or wounded in body and soul, Carla’s voice illuminates their trials and triumphs with a clarity and compassion that few authors can match. We become the characters themselves as they persevere on their journeys; we hope with them, grow with them, recognize our strengths and failings with them, and emerge changed. Both her primary and secondary characters are compelling and beautifully drawn, as are the times and places they populate. Carla’s intrinsic understanding of the human experience, combined with her historically meticulous yet passionate renderings of people and places, are what transform her books into such cherished friends residing on so many bookshelves.”

Crescent Wells, Reader

“I have been an avid fan of Ms. Kelly’s for years, she has a wonderful gift in her ability to tell a story and infuse it with history. I have learned more about historical battles and daily life through her stories than I did in school. The characters are so real, I have laughed and cried along with them, it’s like I accidentally stumbled on history while reading a darn good story! Excellent.”

Kindle customer, for Regency Royal Navy Christmas

“I love Carla Kelly’s books for many reasons but the main one is that I’m ALWAYS surprised by them. She takes tropes and turns them on their heads. Her characters make decisions based on WHO THEY ARE, not what society (or the reader) expects from them. In the hands of a less masterful writer, this might be maddening, but in Carla’s books it’s a delight. I would read any book by Carla Kelly. She is a true icon in the romance genre!”

Meena Jain
Director, Ashland Public Library
Ashland, Massachusetts

“I should like to say a few words about Carla Kelly’s stories. My first introduction to her work was in an anthology I acquired some years back…A Regency Christmas Carol, which included her work, “Make A Joyful Noise.” She was included with other giants of the genre: Mary Balogh, Mimi Barbour, and Edith Layton. When the pages started to fall out, I repurchased it. I used to scour Yesterday’s Books in Modesto for more of her work. Finally, I started to get ebooks, from both Amazon and Kobo.”

“Her characters are complex; her plots tightly paced. Her use of language is lyrical and she a master at evoking deep emotion. Quite frankly, I have put off reading her latest, as I wanted to wait until my general mood (due to politics and such) was more celebratory. I believe she said it was a two-tissue- box work. But I have never been disappointed in reading anything she has done. She is an auto- buy….like Balogh, Beverley, Burrowes, Kinsale. I can’t wait to read what’s next.”

Karen Feist, reader