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Welcome to my website.  You’ll find news on upcoming books and on backlist books, including how they are connected in a series.  There are Regency, Western, and Historical Romance novels and short fiction.  On the scholarly side, I edited a nonfiction book on the American fur trade. You’ll also note a collection of my Prairie Lite columns, written for a North Dakota newspaper.


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Carla Kelly

Review Spotlight - Her Smile

When I was working with Oscar-winning film director Alejandro Gonzales Iñárritu on the film, The Revenant, Alejandro said to me he wanted to create a film that tells a story. As I read Carla Kelly’s novel, Her Smile, I started to visualize another story where a woman’s journey came to life as she experienced changes within her own understanding, along with her friendship with the Nez Perce.

My former colleague Carla Kelly opened a doorway to the life and experiences of Elizabeth Ann Everett, who finds herself pitchforked into the savage conflict of the Nez Perce Nation’s flight to the Canadian border. As a scholar of nineteenth century western history, Carla allowed for this woman’s perspective, which is rarely seen or recorded, to be told. It reaches the heart of westward expansion: the changing of the West between the United States and Native American relations. These changes of westward expansion and whites moving into these traditional homelands came at a high price for the indigenous people who had lived in those areas for millennia. Broken treaties, land grabs, forced removal, colonization and dependence became the norm.

Elizabeth Ann Everett’s point of view takes the tragedy and triumph of spirit – both hers and her Nez Perce friends – to a personal level. Carla Kelly’s, Her Smile, is a book for all who want to take this journey and experience.

Loren Yellow Bird, Sr.
Arikara and Plains Indian Historian
Trenton, ND

Her Smile - Cover Art - Carla Kelly

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