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For This We Are Soldiers
ISBN13: 978-1462119240
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Publication date: 10/15/2016
Pages: 288
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For This We Are Soldiers

Tales of the Frontier Army

For This We Are Soldiers: Tales of the Frontier Army is a collection of short stories set in the post-Civil War West, and features soldiers, troopers, women and children who people isolated garrisons in Wyoming Territory and the American Southwest.

Cedar Fort will publish this anthology, which features four previously published stories, plus two new ones. The previously published stories are "A Season for Heroes," "Such Brave Men," and "Mary Murphy," as well as "Break a Leg." The two new stories are "Take a Memo," and "A Leader To His Troops."

"I had two total knee replacements this winter which slowed down my regular writing schedule," Carla says. "This collection will hopefully assure readers that the setback was only temporary."

All stories feature Carla's attention to little details of 19 th century army life, and the historical accuracy she is noted for, among readers and other writers alike.

Carla admits to a strong sense of democracy, even in her writings. She is well-known for her "duke-less" Regencies, about more ordinary people. This new collection mainly feature the sergeants and corporals of the U.S. Army, rather than the officers. It also highlight the role of women and children on a frontier that was often harsh and unforgiving, but ultimately rewarding.

For This We Are Soldiers will be available in bookstores and on Amazon October 15, 2016. In early 2017, look for Book Four in the Spanish Brand series: Paloma and the Weeping Woman.

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